Fine Art Handling
Our team provides professional fine art handling service including art logistics, art storage, art package, and installation.
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How We Do

Art Packing & Installation

• Soft & Hard packing
  (Gallery/Museum Standard)

• Custom-made packing materials & wooden crates 

• Highly Efficient and Convenient in packing artworks on site

Art Storage

• Observing the law on security

• 24 hours security cameras & fire alarms

• Convenient location to Seoul and Incheon airport (only 40 mins)

• Maintaining constant temperature & humidity
  (19~21°C / 66~70℉, 50~60% of humidity)

Art Logistics

• Local Transportation
  (Vibration-free vehicle)

• Overseas Transportation
  (Air freight, Sea freight)

• Import & Export Clearance

• ATA Carnets

• Insurance